Your first steps

You are not alone: We help you to set up your EdTools!


Start the wizard to create your first class and add your students.

The wizard helps you to set up your edtools account ready for use in only 5 minutes.

Print the login data for your students.

In case you have not done it yet, cut paper into strips and give them to the students.


Set which apps students can use.

Set which apps are shown in the student dashboard. These are exclusively apps that are used for communication purposes.

Special case, homework: We believe that students should learn to manage their own agenda. Therefore we recommend the setting that homework is only visible to sick students (for 4 days) and not to the whole class.

Publish the first post for your class.

Welcome the students to their dashboard.

In the same way you can enter homework, exams, calendar entries or internet links.


Make the teacher dashboard your browser home page.

Your browser should show the teacher dashboard every time you start it. This will give you a quick overview of your class, new messages and events, and instant access to all the useful apps. Make it a habit to start here.

Check here a guide on how to change the homepage of your browser. 

Set up the start page for your front screen as well.

Do you have a beamer or an interactive whiteboard? Then you should set up this start page here, because many useful apps are specially designed for such use.

Check here a guide on how to change the homepage of your browser. 


Include parents in your system to simplify communication.

Add a parent email to each student. This will automatically send the parents an email with access to the parent dashboard. Parents can change their email themselves at any time.

Alternatively, you can print out the parent codes. The parents can then enter their email in the account themselves. But only if they do, they will receive an automatic notification if they have any new messages.

And now, have fun!

You can find more help in the huge knowledge base. Our support team will also be happy to help. Open a support ticket from within your account.