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Have web apps take work off your 🫵 hands!

You should have time for the really important things.
  • Save hours in teacher tasks!

  • Get more time for you and your students!

  • Use innovative apps in your teaching

We know your struggles, dear teacher!

Access to numerous innovative webapps created just to make your job easier. 

  • Apps for your classroom

    For use in your classroom to help you teach.

  • Apps for managing your class

    Never lose track again.

  • Communication apps

    Parent communication becomes a breeze.

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Dozens of apps that
simplify your everyday school life.

You decide which apps you want to enable for your class.

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Helpers for teachers

Apps for everyday teaching, class administration and communication with students and parents.

Helpers for students

Individual student dashboard, apps for interaction in class and at home.

Helpers for parents

Parents are informed about the school and their child and are directly involved. The tool handles sick calls, scheduling appointments and letters for parents.

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Dramatically simplify your everyday school routine

Get assistance from a growing number of innovative helpers.

Replace all your numerous info channels with a single platform

Manage all types of information in your teacher dashboard. And for parents and students, there's only one place to look.

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Your students never lose track again with their personal student dashboard

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  • Personal dashboard

    All students automatically get their own dashboard. As do parents, by the way.

  • Always informed

    Homework, assessments, weblinks, events, messages, overdue work: Students can see what is important for their class in their Dahsboard.

  • Communication

    Contact students directly.

  • Helpful apps

    There are also specific apps for students for everyday school life: calculator, image editor, diagram generator, ...

  • In 15 languages

    Even foreign-language students quickly find their way around.


Teacher, have artificial intelligence do the work for you!

These AI tools are designed to save you time, make you more productive, increase quality, and individualize tasks for students.


Communication with parents becomes a breeze

- The parent dashboard -

See demo of parent dashboard

Your front screen or beamer becomes your powerful assistant teacher.

Many apps are specially designed for use on a large screen in front of the class. They support teaching and learning in an innovative and fun way.

What users say about us...


Edtools is great. It makes my school days easier. My favorite app – and the one I use the most - is «Homework». I can enter the assignments days in advance. The students see it on the whiteboard and write it in their agenda. If children are sick, I can mark them and they can check what they missed. There is no extra explanation necessary.

Monika J.

Teacher (Switzerland)

We care about data privacy!

We are GDPR compliant. All data is stored encrypted and secured on servers in Germany. Always as little data as possible will be saved. We never ask for sensitive data such as surname, address, grades, etc. In this way, no data record can be assigned from external people to a real person. We do not analyze user data and never share it with third parties.

Teachers can sign a data processing contract with us.

Any questions?

You can find more information in the large documentation in the FAQ section.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Absolutely! All apps are accessible with the standard license and with a single teacher login. Some apps offer additional features with the Extended license.

Of course. Since we offer so many features and apps, you have 45 days to test all possibilities without restrictions. Register for free. No credit card needed. No risk.

We are GDPR compliant. All data is stored encrypted and secured on servers in Germany. You can decide which apps you want to use and which data you want to enter. Always as little data as possible will be saved and if possible it will be anonymized. We never ask for sensitive data such as surname, address, grades, etc. In this way, no data record can be assigned from external people to a real person.

No credit card is required for the free trial or free subscription. The payment for the standard or extended subscription will be done via a secured connection by credit card or PayPal.

No. The pricing plan is simple. There are two license models (Standard and Extended), which include all apps as well as parent and student access. No additional and hidden costs.

No problem! The large knowledgebase, many tutorial movies and our great support will help you at any time!

No. However, some apps were developed specifically for front screens or beamers. Most of them can also be operated on a computer. All other apps have no limitation.

You decide which apps and dashboards you want to use. In the settings, you can turn off the apps you don’t need.


Of course, the dashboards for students and parents offer a clear added value, which reduces the workload for you as a teacher. But maybe you’re just excited about our teaching apps and don’t need a communication platform.

In most cases, teachers can invoice the school for the annual subscription. But even if you have to pay for it yourself, it’s worth it. Imagine the hours you’ll save and the stress the apps will take away from you.

It is time to simplify your own working life. It will never be the same again, promised!

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