How to use the penguin race app

The Penguin Race is a gameboard to display the score on the front screen. Several groups compete against each other. The questions are taken from the teaching material.

First set how many groups will participate and how many questions must be answered correctly for a team to win the game.

Do not forget to go fullscreen.

The penguins want to be the first to get the refreshing ice. For every correct answer the penguins surf one step further.

The easiest way is to have a group member bring the answer on a piece of paper to the game master after each question. The master then puts a check mark in front of all penguins with the correct answer. When all the groups have answered or the time is up, the game master can click on the big green check mark at the top. This lets all penguins with the correct answer continue surfing.

Alternatively, you can click directly on a penguin to make it continue to surf. Attention! If it is the last round, the faster group wins this way, because not all points are scored at the same time.

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